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We value growth and development, but we also believe in inclusion and support. Our international environment and common goals are the right ingredients that made our business thrive. Join our dynamic team and work in a stimulating, yet diverse and open informal environment. We are not just dedicated to our client’s success, but also to ourselves. We highly value the mental and physical well-being of our team members. We regularly host team events or events for individual wellness. By recognizing the importance of flexible work hours and work-from-home policies, we ensure that our team members feel comfortable working in diverse settings while combining their work with other responsibilities. We offer career advancement opportunities, a competitive salary including 24 vacation days, reimbursements, a pension, and a bonus scheme.

Let’s build bridges to European markets together.

Meet our colleagues at Briddge

Olga, our dedicated member of the Immigration team at Briddge. With precision and care, she guides clients trough the intricate paths of immigration processes, ensuring their journets are seamless and stress-free. Join Olga and our supportive team at Briddge, where you'll not only find fulfilling work but also a community that values your expertise and fosters professional growth.

Embracing health with Olga

Beyond her desk, Olga finds strength and balance in the gym. At Briddge, we understand that importance of well-being alongside professional succes. Join us and discover a workplace where health and happiness matter just as much as your career growth. Embrace a culture that encourages you to thrive in all aspects of life, just like Olga does.


A market-competitive salary that reflects the employee's skills, experience, and contributions to the organization.


saving plan with company matching contributions to help employees secure their financial future.

Paid time off

that includes vacation days, sick leave, and personal days to encourage work-life balance and support employee well-being

The steps of becoming a Briddger 

When you apply for a role at Briddge, you will be contacted by our Recruiter, Pascal van Schooten-van Dam, who will tell you more about Briddge and your future role and invite you to the first interview with her and your future manager!

The first interview can be either online or in person, and our main goal is to get to know you better and give you an in-depth look at the role, the team, and the opportunities to grow at Briddge. There will also be plenty of opportunities to ask questions. Some positions have two or three rounds of interviews and sometimes a practical test, and at the end of the process, Pascal will be in touch if we decide to make you an offer. When you start working at Briddge, you will be provided with a laptop, and during your training period, your team members will guide you as you start to work independently. You will learn more about other teams and work at Briddge on our Onboarding meeting with other newcomers!

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Submit an open application. We are always happy to explore your talents within our team!


What our team members say about us

Martina Marsico – Legal Assistant Immigration

As a student, working at Briddge gives you enough freedom to agree on your schedule with your Team Lead next to your University’s schedule, and this is extremely important when you have to combine studies and work. It is not always easy but you will find the right fit with the help of your Team. At the same time, you already get an insight on the field of your interest may this be law, finance, or others, while studying. And this for me has been a huge pro. 


Briddge is full of opportunities and possibilities to work with a lot of  international colleagues and customers. I am in charge of diverse tasks mainly around Japanese business, which is challenging but also very attractive, and all those experiences allow me to grow as a global professional. 

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