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Tax is an integral part of every business, but one that can be very challenging, especially in an international context. Tax issues can be sensitive, technically difficult, and time-consuming, and when the regulations differ per country, it is crucial to have an experienced professional with up-to-date knowledge who can manage the fiscal requirements. By tailoring our fiscal knowledge, experience, and expertise to your business, we make tax simple and provide the right advice for your fiscal concerns. We have the perfect combination of country-specific knowledge and global insight into tax-related matters. With our worldwide resources and network of local offices throughout Europe, we can assist your business to grow quickly and effectively. We also offer some attractive benefits, like expert advice on country-specific tax structures and the actual fiscal work required to put them in place.

Our services include:

  • Consulting, advice, and second opinions on issues like VAT (nationally and internationally);
  • Advice, return filing, and payments for corporate and personal income tax, VAT, and wage tax;
  • General Fiscal Representative (GFR) role for VAT purposes;
  • Apply for licenses (such as Art. 23 license, enabling easy import of goods into the EU);
  • File private tax returns, such as income or capital gains tax;
  • Analysis and advice on transfer pricing and negotiating advance pricing agreements with local authorities;
  • Request advance tax rulings;
  • Expert advice on cross-border transactions;
  • Handle foreign VAT refunds.


This is just a snapshot of our tax services, and we offer very flexible tailored services to help you achieve your goals. Our focus is on optimizing your tax position, managing your fiscal risk, and avoiding double returns.

Frequently asked questions

We provide personalized knowledge and expertise specifically designed for your business goals

What is VAT (Value added Tax)?

VAT is a general consumption tax, which is supposed to be ultimately borne by the end consumer. The VAT system is designed in such way that all parties in the supply chain are charged with VAT, but only the ultimate consumer is not able to recoup the paid VAT. So, in general, VAT must be included on all invoices throughout the supply chain. The seller receiving the VAT from his client acts as the withholding agent for the Dutch tax authorities. The standard rate is 21%. A reduced rate of 9% applies to basic goods and services. Exports and certain services rendered in connection with exports are zero rated.

Is my company liable to pay VAT when importing goods into the Netherlands from outside the EU?
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Hind van Sorgen-Amastar

Head of Tax & International Tax Mobility

Jordi van Teunenbroek

Senior tax associate

Yuri Cherniavskyi

Senior VAT Associate

Samera Woud

Junior tax associate

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“We are satisfied with the fast and flexible work process.” 

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“Briddge is a perfect solution for assisting foreign companies to navigate the legal and organizational issues of conducting business in the Netherlands and across Europe. Each member of their team has added value to help us grow and they have wide-ranging expertise and connections that make the impossible look easy.” 

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