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Building Bridges to European Markets

Briddge traces its roots back to 2011 when attorney Marc Dunnewijk and accountant Theo De Groot merged their companies ‘Dunnewijk’ and ‘Gread & Partners’ and establish Briddge Legal & Finance. 

About Briddge

The successful business associates envisioned Briddge as a place where shared knowledge and experience unite to assist internationally oriented businesses to thrive in Europe. 

This cooperation and mutual ambition is embedded in core Briddge values and is symbolically represented in the name Briddge where the letters D-D-G stand for Dunnewijk and De Groot. Theo De Groot eventually stepped down, and his sons, Stefan and Jurren took his place as partners. 

Briddge has proven successful from the very start

We have seen tremendous growth over the years and expanded to three Dutch offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and a US base in Los Angeles. Our high-quality legal and financial services and our tailored approach, allow us to support companies small or large, across sectors and around the world.

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Our unique business model

Our team specializes in assisting international companies considering establishing or expanding their business in Europe. We offer unique legal and financial services with a personalized approach for each client. Our business model is a one-stop shop, where our clients take advantage of full support from all of our teams or select the services that best fit their business goals. 

Our approach to your success

We strongly believe in collaboration and mutual ambition and are always eager to go that extra mile to produce the best results for our clients. Our approach is down to earth, and we are meticulous about details. Our commitment to our clients and hard work have made our company a success and helped us build great relationships with our clients while providing high-quality services with a personal touch.

Start your journey in Europe with us, we look forward to our partnership! 

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Work at Briddge

Here at Briddge we are not only dedicated to the success of our clients but also to success and growth of our team. Let's build bridges to European markets together!

Ready for your European journey?

Your initial introduction will be with our Business Development team. This first stage is essential to understanding your business goals and how Briddge can best support you, so we will start by creating a client profile and providing you with a competitive quote. Once you have accepted it, you will seamlessly transition to our Onboarding team while we will handle a compliance check. At this stage, our Onboarding team will be your first point of contact and they will coordinate with the rest of the teams, after which you will be transferred to our Client Management team. You will have direct contact with the teams you will be working with, but our Client Manager will stay in touch with you on a regular basis and will be ultimately responsible for the work our teams will do.

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on February 6, 2024
We would like to inform you regarding a new reporting obligation that will be implemented starting 1 July 2024. If your company employs at least 100 employees in the Netherlands, you will be required to track and report the total number of kilometers your employees travel for work-related purposes annually. This initiative is part of a government plan to monitor and eventually reduce CO2 emissions linked to business travel.
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Effective January 1, 2025, the European Union (EU) is implementing a comprehensive overhaul of its Value Added Tax (VAT) scheme, with a primary focus on supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across all Member States. The new framework introduces key features aimed at standardizing VAT registration thresholds and extending benefits to non-resident EU businesses.
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