The people that make it possible

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Marc Dunnewijk

Senior partner

Stefan de Groot


Jurren de Groot

Business Development & Client Management

Bart Brinkman

Business development manager

Sunita Jena-Baravik

Head of Client Management

Jinseo Kim

Bussines Development Associate

Lara Somers

Onboarding Client Manager

Susan Tielkemeijer

Onboarding Client Manager

Patrick Visser

Client manager

Anela Peša

Client manager

Gabriela Goncalves

Client manager

Miriam Bilekova

Client manager

Fernanda dos Santos

Client Manager

Paulina Kats

Onboarding Manager

Panoraia Zisi

Onboarding Manager

Kristen Pierce

Onboarding Manager

Yuta Intan

Client management assistant

Achraf Sekhiri

North America director

Dennis Pietersma

Senior engagement consultant
Corporate Law

Faisal Musmar

Associate Corporate Law

Vidhya Iyer

Junior associate corporate law
Employment Law

Ferline van Laerhoven

Head of Employment law

Rosanne Bootsman

Senior associate Employment law

José Luvitu

Associate Employment law

Eline Maas

Junior associate Employment law

Annamarth Hoogland

Junior Associate Employment Law

Vacancy Junior Associate Employment Law

HR and Recruitment

Esme Storm

Head of HR and Recruitment

Mireille van Langen

Senior HR associate

Glenda Kuhn

HR associate

Nathalie Doorn

HR associate

Petra Kendall

HR Associate

Mandy Prins Haneveer

HR Associate

Ellen Maley

Junior HR associate
Immigration Law

Maeike Kramer

Legal Counsel

Ella Diaconu

Head of Immigration

Olga van Meer

Legal associate immigration

Nicolle Marmol Guerovich

Junior legal associate immigration

Martina Marsico

Junior Associate Immigration
International Payroll

Steven Groen

Head of international payroll

Joanna Wdowik

Senior Associate International Payroll

Sabina Jahanli

International Payroll associate

Maria Sourila

International Payroll associate

Ioannis Gerovasilis

International Payroll associate

Giorgos Demiris

International Payroll associate

Piotr Snoch

International Payroll Associate
NL Payroll

Sandra Scatozza

Head of NL Payroll

Nicole Pang

Payroll supervisor

Saskia Bolt

Senior payroll associate

Nino Scatozza

Senior Payroll associate

Ilona Biere

Junior payroll associate

Jorinda Prawirodirdjo-Busman

Payroll Associate

Anna Bezsmertna

Junior payroll associate

Valeria Lisi

Junior Payroll Associate

Marina Kirkova

Junior Payroll Associate

Samantha Donker

Payroll assistant

Fiona Wasike

Onboarding payroll associate

Vacancy Junior Payroll Associate

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Tax & International Tax Mobility

Hind van Sorgen-Amastar

Head of Tax & International Tax Mobility

Jordi van Teunenbroek

Senior tax associate

Yuri Cherniavskyi

Senior VAT Associate

Samera Woud

Junior tax associate

Judit Onodera

Junior tax associate

Kaiwen Li

Junior Tax Associate

Umberto Pelosi

Junior tax associate

Olav Verberne

Tax compliance specialist

Philip Kelly

Head of Accounting

Tomomi Fujita

Accounting associate / Japan desk

Gloria Pokuwaah

Accounting associate

Amoré van der Mescht

Senior accounting associate

Caroline de Carvalho Santos

Accounting associate

Angela Veerman

Accounting Associate

Malena Oudkerk

Financial controller

Jana Tipulova

Financial controller

Petra Ann Benach

Supervising financial controller

Liksma Libregta

Accounting associate

Liesbeth Ladan

Compliance officer

Yang Wang

Junior KYC Analyst

Renee Yeh

Junior KYC Analyst
Internal HR & Recruitment

Nelly de Boer

HR manager

Pascal van Dam


Janusch Ziegler

HR policy assistant

Charles Poorter

HR/Office support
Marketing & Communications

Farnaz Etghaei

Marketing & communications manager

Dasha Gusak

Marketing & communications Associate

Peter Groot

Business controller

Wendy Pilon

Accounting associate

Linda Griffioen

Accounting Associate

Teri van Essen

Accounting associate

Arman Badiei Khorsand

Data Analyst

Hakan Kartal

Allround IT

Terry Groen

Automation coordinator

Corrie van Heugten


Jolanda Burleson