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EU Customs reform

on July 2, 2023
In response to the growing volume of cross-border transactions and international trade, on the 17th of May, 2023, the European Commission proposed a plan to modernize and simplify the EU Customs Union.
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VAT on cross-border transportation

on June 5, 2023
Brexit has resulted in a growing concern among businesses and logistics forwarders in the Netherlands regarding VAT implications related to cross-border transportation for import and export activities, particularly with the UK.
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Webinar 'The Talent Puzzle; strategies for attracting and retaining top employees'

on April 2, 2023
Attracting and retaining employees in the current market is a puzzle! How you do make yourself attractive to employees and candidates whilst also protecting your bottom line and fulfilling your legal obligations? In this unique webinar we will be discussing some of these challenges (and solutions!) from varying perspectives, not only from an employee and employer perspective but also what that means for employers from a legal perspective. From Benefits to Development, Remote Working to Sustainability, we will cover a broad range of subjects that are relevant to attracting and retaining staff in 2023.
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VAT on installation

on January 5, 2023
If your business performs several transactions to a customer at the same time, like the delivery of goods and a service, it may be challenging to determine whether it should be treated as a single transaction or two separate transactions. The Netherlands offers simplification arrangements under which there is no need to be VAT registered.
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