Building Bridges to European Markets

The journey for Briddge started when two business associates decided to join forces. In 2011 attorney-at-law Marc Dunnewijk and accountant Theo De Groot established Briddge Legal & Finance in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in pursue of their mutual ambition to assist international oriented businesses thrive in the European market. By joining their forces they believed that shared knowledge and forces can lead to great opportunities and they could guide clients better with their establishment in Europe. Therefore, the letters D-D-G in the name Briddge mark the cooperation as the letters stand for Dunnewijk and De Groot. During the past years Theo De Groot has stepped down and his sons Stefan and Jurren have taken his place as partners within the company.


Briddge has proved to be a success from the moment of the merge of the two strong and experienced companies ‘Dunnewijk’ and ‘Gread & Partners’. The success resulted in a rapid growth of Briddge and extended market presence. Over the years, we have delivered high-quality legal and financial services to our clients all over the world, from small to large companies in various sectors from our offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague (the Netherlands) and Los Angeles (USA).


At Briddge, we can assist you in understanding all the requirements for getting established in Europe. We can provide you with all the expertise you will need to be up and running successfully. We will be on your side, managing every detail of your expansion and operation. We also have a network of partners throughout Europe which enables us to provide you and all your subsidiaries with the best in-country support.


We offer a range of services at competitive prices. All our offered services and the implementation of the services are always tailored to your unique needs. These services can include:

  • Financial and Accountancy services
  • Legal services
  • Human Resource and Recruitment services
  • Payroll services
  • Tax services


By partnering with Briddge, you will experience;

  • high quality services, which we offer with an action driven and ‘down to earth’ approach, our personal touch and attention to detail
  • a strong and personal relationship
  • professionalism
  • services integrated easily with your business
  • added value for your business
  • knowledge and expertise on various areas for running your business successfully in Europe
  • reduced impact of international laws and regulation burdens


Start your journey in Europe with us! We look forward to a successful partnership.